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Μπουφές Class

at Interni - Moda Bagno
1576 € 788 €


 Rather than going for basic everyday drawers that do nothing but occupy space, why don’t you occupy that space with a bit of charm by using our Class Sideboard which radiates nothing short of finesse in craftsmanship with its vintage styled contour. This Acacia wood inspired furniture piece features two draw out spaces on both ends, both designed with enough space and yet retain the breathtaking magnificence that makes others lust at its spectacular arrangement. 
Υλικά: acacia wood, antique brass base
Διαστάσεις: W.45 L.1.80 H.60 cm


Interni - Moda Bagno

Αναπαύσεως 50, Χαλάνδρι 152 35, Ελλάδα