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Βοηθητικό τραπεζάκι Luigi square

at Interni - Moda Bagno
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 Almost a century ago, one of our ancestors came to the Netherlands from Italy. He had a special skill: making terrazzo. This material goes back at least 500 years and was invented in Italy as way of using leftover pieces of marble. The small fragments were mixed with cement or clay and used for terrace floors (hence the name). Terrazzo eventually became even more popular than marble for floors. At Zuiver, we love revisiting old techniques. This is why we decided to use terrazzo for the tops of our Luigi side tables. We also named the table after our ancestor – an opportunity we just couldn’t ignore. 
Υλικά: 22 mm terrazzo table top electro plated iron frame
Διαστάσεις: W.40 L.40 H.45 cm



Interni - Moda Bagno

Αναπαύσεως 50, Χαλάνδρι 152 35, Ελλάδα