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The new way to discover the best furniture and decor in Athens

Our mission is to simplify your hunt for home decor and furniture by showcasing the best products throughout the city of Athens. Explore HouseID’s collection and easily discover various styles, offers, and shops that match your taste and interest. The collections include pieces from various established businesses located throughout the city as well as handmade products by local, emerging designers and artists; making our collection unique, of quality and aesthetics. Our efforts of combining local products and quality, derives from our desire to support sustainability.


Get directions to products, shops and designers

We understand how difficult is to find what you are searching for in a big city and the need to see products in real life before buying them. Thus we integrated a map feature that can be used to easily find your favorite product, business or designer within walking, cycling or driving distance. The time saved will give you more time to negotiate and check the quality of what you are interested in buying. After you have purchased the perfect piece, you know exactly how to safely get it back home.


Build your online presence and sell more

House ID offers you the opportunity to showcase your products and promote your business with tools easy to manage. Don't waste time! Join a platform for design enthusiasts and connect with clients that matter the most, the people living in the city. Contact us and together we can find a solution that can meet your needs, no matter your size or earnings.